Week 2 Weigh In


Start Weight:  11 st 13

Current Weight:  11 st 7

Total Loss: 6

Left to Lose: 21

I am a happy girl today, another 3 pound loss is really good considering its star week! I’m not expecting to lose 3 pound every week though but I’m going to aim for 2 pound next week. 

There are 22 weeks left until Christmas so that’s 22 weeks to lose 21 pounds, definitely doable!! 🙂

This weeks weigh in…

I must admit, I was a bit worried today when I weighed myself after having a Chinese on Thursday.  I stayed in my syns but I was still worried.  I was also hoping for a bigger loss this week as up until Thursday I’d been really good. I lost another pound but I was secretly hoping for 2.  1 pound is still a loss though so I’m happy about that!

This weeks weight: 10 st 10
Last weeks weight: 10 st 11 (-1)

Start weight: 12 st 3
Total loss: 1 st 7 (21 pound)

This weeks weigh in (18.1.14)

As I’m getting closer to my first goal of 10 st 7 I’m finding that I’m not looking forward to getting on those scales of a Saturday morning.  I think this is because I keep expecting my weight loss to grind to a halt before I reach my first target. I think this is because in the years I’ve been trying to lose weight I’ve never managed to get this far and I still don’t think it’s sunk in that i’m doing it.  This week a lost 1 pound and while it’s nothing to write home about it’s still 1 pound, which is better than maintaining, or worse still gaining, so I’m taking this as a plus and I’m looking forward to reaching my 10 st 7 goal.

This weeks weight: 10 st 11
Last weeks weight: 10 st 12 (-1)

Start weight: 12 st 3
Total loss: 1 st 6 (20 pound)

Weigh In Day…

I said I wasn’t going to weigh myself this week after having had a few days of not only being off plan, but being an absolute pig, but when I woke up this morning I thought what the hell and got the scales out.

Now I don’t usually take notice of half or fractions of a pound but last week I was exactly 11.0.0, this week I’m 11.0.6 so I’ve only put on just over half a pound,  which if you ask me is amazing!! I’m not going to count the 0.6 on my stats though because I prefer to stick to full pounds.

This weeks weight: 11st

Start weight: 12st3
Total loss: 1 stone 3 pound

Last Weigh In Before Christmas…

After last weeks gain I was hoping for a bit of a Christmas miracle when I got on the scales this morning,  and I wasn’t disappointed because I’ve lost 4 pounds.  I am soooooo happy about this because I now weigh exactly 11 stone! I actually can’t remember the last time I was this light woohoo!  All I need to do now is make sure I don’t ruin all my hard work over Christmas,  wish me luck!!!

This weeks weight: 11st (-4)

Start weight: 12st3
Total loss: 1 stone 3 pound