Keeping Motivated Part 2

In my last post about keeping motivated I made up a list of what I needed to do to to keep me on my diet, here’s my personal keeping motivated list:

Set a realistic goal

My goal is to get to 10 stone by Christmas, that gives me a total of 24 weeks to lose 27 pound, just over 1 pound a week seems realistic to me. (I’ve already lost 3 pound so that’s now only 24 pound in 23 weeks!)

List the reasons you want to accomplish your goal

To reach a healthy BMI (my current BMI is 26.1 and is classed as overweight)

Get rid of my belly

To feel more comfortable with myself

To feel more confident

To be able to walk into any shop and not worry if they have my size

Break down your goal into smaller targets, and set rewards for hitting targets

Lose 7 pound (half a stone) Reward – Buy myself some flowers

Lose 14 pound (one stone) Reward – Treat myself to a pedicure

Lose 21 pound (one and half stone) Reward – By this point i’ll definitely deserve a massage

Lose 27 pound (target) Reward – New Clothes

Pick something you will look forward to wearing and hang it somewhere you will see it

I have a dress that I have owned for probably 5 years now that I have never actually been able to wear.  It was a little bit tight when I bought it and at the time I planned to diet into it; that never happened and i’ve actually put on a lot since I bought the dress.  Every now and then I try it on and although I can get it on it never quite zips up.  My aim is to get into that dress!! Here is a photo of it:

2015-07-15 20.58.40

Keep track of your progress

I have set up a table where I will log my weight each week. Once i’ve been dieting for a few weeks i’ll start to convert into a chart so I can see my weight (hopefully) go down!


Motivational Images

I actually included these in my last post, but here they are again:

b5843ced62412d998dd720b061b88dba    quit    7d999cea6a452e2d0933c5d0be8c98f1   a8e47d0f9648c67df36fa939d318438e

And this is it, i’m hoping a mixture of all these things will keep me going.  If I find myself losing my motivation or wanting to pig out I will be reading this post over and over to remind myself why I started.

How does everyone else keep motivated?  Any tips / tricks / ideas?  I’d love to hear from you!




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