Syn Free Sweet Potato Cups


I found this recipe on Pinterest and thought I’d give it a go. I tweaked it slightly as the original used tater tots (I think they’re some kind of American potato type thing?) and I’ve just used good old sweet potato mash.  Anyway they’re super quick and simple to make, I did most of it by eye rather than measuring and they worked out great. Here’s what I did and I’ve also put a link to the original page so you can have a look there too as there’s loads of pictures to guide you. 

Leftover sweet potato mash
Ham cut up into little pieces
Eggs (I used 4 which made 9 egg cups)

1. Spray some fry light into your muffin tin.
2. Put a spoonful of mash into each cup and press down until it forms a cup (the recipe says use a spoon but I found it easier using my fingers).
3.Bake on high (mine was on about 210) for about 10/15 minutes.
4.Take out of oven and full cups with some chopped up ham and then pour in enough egg to fill.
5.Put back in the oven on a lower heat (190ish) and bake until eggs are cooked, took a reboot 10/15 minutes in my oven.  6. Take out oven and leave to cool a bit before you try to take out muffin tin.

And honestly it really is that simple and they are so delicious, next time I might try adding in some veg or chopped up sausages. This is are brilliant, easy and adaptable recipe and definitely worth worth a try!

Original Recipe



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