I’m back, again…

What a mad couple of months I’ve had, I moved in with my boyfriend, started a new job and joined a slimming world group.  I’m happy to say 2 out of three of those things are going well. The one thing that’s not going to well?  My diet!!!

I’m lucky that I’ve not put too much weight on, and I’m hoping I’m still in the same stone bracket (probably only just though)  and so I’m trying not to get myself down about it too much.  The good news is that my boyfriend has agreed to do slimming world with me and so I’m hoping that he will help me with my motivation to get this last stone gone. 

It’s my birthday on Wednesday and so I’m not going to weigh myself or officially start properly until Thursday, but I did weigh myself a couple of days ago and I was 10st13. I’ve eaten lots of high syn food since then and so I imagine by Thursday morning I’ll be 11st, maybe a little more. My target is to get to 10st and so depending on how much I weigh on Thursday I’ll have about a stone to lose, definitely doable if I can keep my motivation up!

I don’t suppose anyone has any ideas, hints or tips on keeping motivated?  I’ve got a feeling I may need them lol.

Anyway, the whole point of this post is that I’m back now and I’ll try keeping this blog up to date and posting more often!



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