The last few days….

Firstly,  I’d just like to apologise for being M.I.A for the past few days.  I’ve been having a bit of a rough week this week for two reasons…

1. One of my bunnies had a bit of fur missing from his nose on Sunday night and when I took him to the vets on Monday to get it checked out we got told he may have myxomatosis (the most evil of diseases a rabbit can get). The vet give him some antibiotics and anti inflammatory shots and then give me some more to give him each day along with eye drops for both bunnies. The vet basically told us that it wasn’t good and they may have to think about putting them down if they get worse!!!   Well it’s been 4 horrible days of forcing the rabbits to take their eye drops and medicine but we took them the vets tbis afternoon and they’ve said it’s looking good and that even though they can’t rule myxomatosis out it isn’t as likely and they will probably be ok, what a relief that was!!!

2. Onto the second and main reason I’ve been missing from here though is that I’ve had some horrible stuff going on in work. The short of it is that I’ve been bullied by someone and felt I couldn’t work there any longer, I’ve been looking for a new job and one come up in another of our offices.  I got the job in the other office (yay) and well, my manager hasn’t taken it very well and has chosen to ignore me and has been pretty horrid. It’s taken its toll on me after having been treated horribly for the past year or so and I ended up having no choice but to take a day off work due to stress. I felt like I was having minor anxiety attacks throughout the day where I felt short of breath, shaky and nauseous and I just couldn’t face it for another day! I’ve been off work since yesterday and I do feel a little bit less panicked and anxious but I’ve got to go back in on Monday 😦

Anyway, thanks to a pretty stressful week yesterday I went completely off track and had a cupcake,  cheese on toast, biscuits, chocolate and more. I just sank right back into comfort eating and damn did it feel good!!! I’m sure I’ll regret it in a day or so but I NEEDED that comfort food.

Because I’m starting to feel better and because I don’t want to get stuck in a comfort eating trap I’m giving myself the rest of today to comfort eat and then I’ll be back on track tomorrow. I won’t weigh in this week because I don’t need that stress right now but I will be back to normal tomorrow no matter what!!!

It’s very hard dealing with being so upset and not turning to food to solve it, I personally think there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself every now and then if you are feeling bad, as long as you don’t let it turn into weeks or months of eating bad. That’s why I’m giving myself today – I don’t feel guilty for doing it and I won’t let myself get down for falling off the wagon, it happens to everyone. Slimming world is a lifestyle change, it’s a journey, and sometimes there are bumps in the road and that’s ok as long as you keep your head up and keep going!!

Anyway, thank you for reading, i’ll be back to normal posting tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “The last few days….

  1. Awesome and you are right, it is ok to take some time for some comfort foods. Most people do, however it’s people like you and I that are affected more by it. I am glad you aren’t feeling guilty. That is such a wasted emotion. Forge on! And congrats on the new job

  2. What awful news, it has a habit of turning up all at once 😦 however good for you – by the sounds of it at work you’re taking charge of it in the most diplomatic and appropriate way. This can only reflect well on you further down the line!

    As for comfort food – SW totally advocates enjoying food, and that is exactly what you are doing! SW is a journey for you 🙂 hope things get better soon.

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