Back on track …

I apologise for being quiet the past few weeks, I’ve been having a terrible time in work and the stress has lead to me eating everything in sight. I’ve been so off track i’m dreading weighing myself!! Because of that,  i’m trying success express for a week or so in an attempt to boost my weight loss so when I do weigh myself it hopefully won’t be as bad as I think it will.

I decided to do SE yesterday so I’m still trying to figure it out but hopefully I’ve got it right.  Here’s yesterday’s and todays food… Continue reading

Todays Food 17.3.14 …

Ok so I was really really naughty at the weekend, like really naughty! Oops! Because of that i’m going to be having the absolute minimum syns each day to try and make up for it.

HEXA: Milk
HEXB: 2 Alpen light bars


Jacket potato, beans and cheese.

Cottage pie and cabbage.