Back on Monday…

After over a week off from slimming world and eating healthy in general I can’t wait to get back on track. 

The past weeks I’ve stuffed myself with anything and everything that I feel like, putting 3 pound on in the process (ooops).  I’ve got good reasons for this as I was sick for a few days, it was valentines day yesterday and this weekend I’m helping my boyfriend move into a new flat – meaning it would have been pretty hard to stick to plan even if I’d wanted to.

When I weighed myself yesterday and realised I’d put 3 pound on I started to beat myself up a little bit and I a had this running commentary in my head telling me how stupid I’ve been for eating all that food, but now I’ve thought about it more it’s not stupid, it’s just life! I think it’s unrealistic to force yourself to eat well all the time, especially someone like me because I just LOVE food. So rather than beat myself up I’ve decided to enjoy your rest of the weekend and put all that anger into sticking to plan next week. Monday will be my first day back and I will be writing down every little think that passes these lips, until then I’ll enjoy my last days of food freedom (I’m in Costa Coffee right now with a large latte and a millionaire shortbread, mmmm).


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