Yesterdays (3.2.14) and Todays Food (4.2.14) …

Yesterday was an absolutely awful day for me, I had a terrible migraine and couldn’t eat or drink all day without throwing up!!  It wasn’t until after about 6pm that my stomach settled and I could keep my food down.  We had absolutely no food in the house and I wasn’t in any state to go out so naturally I ended up being bad and ordering a Domino’s pizza (ooops).

Today I’m feeling slightly better and even though I haven’t eaten much compered to normal I have been on plan:

Muller light yoghurt and 2 Alpen light bars.

Kabuto noodles (2 syns).


Sweet and sour Fanta turkey with noodles.


Snacks / Extras:
Mini malteser bunny (3 syns)



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