This weeks weigh in…

Well, after the past few weeks of being off plan I really was dreading getting on the scales today.  Last time I weighed myself was the 1st February and I weighed 10 st 11 and since then I’ve pretty much eaten everything in sight, and probably my body weight in chocolate haha!  I’ve only been on plan for 5 days so when I weighed myself this morning I thought I’d be at least 10 st 11, if not more! Can you imagine how happy I was when I was 10 st 10, I’ve only got 1 pound to lose and i’m back to what I was before I started eating bad. I am so happy right now and I can’t wait for next week’s weigh in haha!  

This weeks weight: 10 st 10
Last weigh in weight: 10 st 11 (-1)

Start weight: 12 st 3
Total loss: 1 st 7 (21 pound)