Todays Food 23.1.14 …

Muller light yoghurt with 30g All bran chocolate crunch.

Vegetable soup.

I went for a Chinese meal with my family tonight and had to sit and watch them eat duck and pancakes, ribs and all tasty food while I had clear vegetable soup and then chicken chow mein.  I don’t think the soup would have been many syns because it was just a clear broth and chow mein is 7 syns so I’ll call todays total as 10 syns and hope for a loss on Saturday.



One thought on “Todays Food 23.1.14 …

  1. It’s hard to eat healthy when everyone around you isn’t, but you can still just focus on the real importance of eating with the family – enjoying each others company. So at least you aren’t missing out on the best part of the meal. Good luck on your healthy eating! I’m in school to become a registered dietitian so you may find my blog useful in your journey:

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