Todays Food 21.1.14 …

Doing this online food diary has made me realise how much of a creature of habit I am. I find food I like and eat it all the time.  I think part of that is what helps me lose the weight though because I know how many syns things are because I eat them all the time.  I am trying to branch out though (my new recipes include a chilli con carne and the diet coke chicken,  and I’m going to try Fanta chicken soon).  Anyway enough of my rambling, here is todays food:

Muller light yoghurt and 30g all bran chocolate crunch (HEXB).

Homemade vegetable soup.


Apple, banana, pear and a satsuma.

Cottage pie made with half potato and half sweet potato mash.


Snacks / Extras:
Milk in tea and coffee (HEXA)

Baked banana with 12g mini marshmallows (2 syns), crushed up lindt chocolate bear (3 syns) and 18g squirty cream (1.5 syns).


(It’s 10.5 syns though if you count cooked bananas as syns – apparently one cooked banana is 4 syns – I don’t count it but even if I did I’m still in today’s syns so all is good).


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