This weeks weigh in

I was actually dreading getting on the scales today! Even though I’ve been really good this week I had a bad feeling that I wouldn’t have lost anything.  I think after maintaining through Christmas I thought it might catch up to me this week and I’d either maintain again or even put on, but thanks to Slimming World it hasn’t and I lost 2 pounds!!!

I couldn’t be happier about the loss as I’m now 10 st 12. I don’t think I’ve been 10 stone anything for about 8 years and so this is absolutely amazing for me, thank you Slimming World!!!

This weeks weight: 10 st 12
Last weeks weight: 11 st 0 (-2)

Start weight: 12 st 3
Total loss: 1 st 5 (19 pound)


4 thoughts on “This weeks weigh in

  1. Briliant, well done 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog too. Really appreciate it. Keep up the good work x

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