My New Year Goals

So I saw this list on pinterest and thought I’d fill it in, here goes…

1. A bad habit I’m going to break – my biggest downfall is that I spend far too much money. This year I’m hoping to stop that and to be more sensible with my money. By the end of the year I want to be completely debt free and have some savings.

2. A new skill I’d like to learn – Cooking.  Since I started slimming world I’ve cooked a lot more than I used to but I’d like to work on my cooking and learn more, I’ve found it’s something I really enjoy so I’d like to expand on this.  Maybe I’ll set myself a target of trying a new recipe at least once a month?

3. A good deed I’m going to do – I must admit that I’m not really a good deed type of person,  I’m pretty lazy in things like that unfortunately.  I think what I might do though is give all my old clothes to charity rather than binning them and try to do nice things for my friends and family.

4. A place I’d like to visit – I want to try to visit the museum and art gallery in Liverpool this year. I’ve not been for years but it’s something I’d like to do.

5. A book I’d like to read – I’m actually a big reader, I can read 3 or 4 books in a week sometimes,  so rather than picking one particular book (which is too easy) I’m going to aim to read a different genre of book this year. I’m not sure which but I’m going to try to branch out from fantasy / paranormal books.

6. A letter I’m going to write – I’m hoping to find a new job this year so hopefully I’ll be able to write a letter of resignation!

7. A new food I’d like to try – I’m actually stuck on this one as there’s nothing I’ve seen but not really tried,  this is something that I’ll have to update as I see (or think of) something to try.

8. I’m going to do better at – I’d like to be able to stick to a more rigid exercise plan, even if it’s something small like once a week.

Anyway,  that’s it really.  Hopefully I’ll be able to stick to these, I’ll probably print this out and pin it in my room to remind me throughout the year.

What are everyone elses resolutions?


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