Todays Food…

Sorry for not posting yesterday,  I was busy playing Lego Batman 2 on the Xbox with the bf and didn’t realise the time,  by the time I got home I needed sleep! Anyway,  it was basically the same as I’ve had the last couple of days (potato and beans for lunch and lasagne for dinner with 10 syns total) so nothing exciting!

Today has been a better though as it’s payday, and I always have my full 15 syns on a Friday and Saturday! 

Breakfast :
Vanilla Muller Light and 30g All Bran Chocolate Crunch (HEXB).

Jacket potato with beans and salad.


Fajita chicken and vegetables,  chips and Mexican rice.


Extra / Snacks:
Milk in tea and coffee (HEXA)
Caramac (8.5 syns)
Milky Way Crispy Rolls (6.5)
Toffee Muller Light




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