Todays Food…

Today has been a really good day for me, I’m feeling positive after Saturdays gain. I’m limiting myself to a maximum of 10 syns per day this week so I can hopefully lose the 2 pounds I put on.

Vanilla Muller Light with 30g of All Bran Chocolate Crunch (HEXB).

Lunch was a jacket potato with the leftover sauce from last nights meatballs (courgette,  onion, red pepper, pasata & chopped tomatoes), with a small salad on the side, and 25g of Cathedral City lighter cheese (4 syns).


I’ve got most of a pack of sausages and bacon left over from Saturdays breakfast so decided to have a bit of a fry up.

2 weight watchers sausages (1 syn), 2 bacon medallions,  beans, mushrooms, a few chips, and a fried egg.


Snacks / Extras:
Mikado × 10 (5 syns)



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