Syn Free Spring Rolls

I’ve seen this recipe a few times on instagram from various people,  and I’ve been wanting to try it for a while. I’m off work today and I finished my shopping early so thought I’d give it a go.  Mine were a little burnt on the edges but still pretty tasty.


Lasagne sheets
Stir fry veg (I just used beansprouts because that’s all I had)
Soy Sauce

1. Cook the stir fry veg and add in soy sauce and any other seasoning (I used a bit of chilli)

2. Cook the lasagne sheets in a pan of boiling water until soft – mine stuck together so keep an eye on them and separate if need be.

3. Put the lasagne sheets on a baking tray,  add some stir fry to each one, and then roll them up.

4. Spray with fry light and put in the oven.  I cooked mine on gas mark 7 for about 15 minutes but basically just cook until crispy.

5. That’s it, take out the oven and serve.


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