Today’s Food…


Vanilla with Dark Chocolate Sprinkles Muller Light, and 30g All Bran Chocolate Crunch (sorry I forgot to take a photograph).


Leftovers from last night (mini roasties and mixed veg), and some Chinese chicken.



I had to go to an Indian Restaurant with my boyfriends family for my tea, so I have tried to eat as low syn as possible but Indian is like the WORST for syns 😦  I’ve only had 7/8 syns for the last two days though so save up for some extra so hopefully it won’t affect my weigh in too much.  I’ve also got my works Christmas party on Friday so i’m not expecting a loss this week, i’ll be happy as long as I maintain my current weight (11st2).


Extra / Snacks:

HEXA – Milk in tea and coffee throughout the day.

Apple & Banana as snacks

TOTAL SYNS: 15 – i’m counting all my syns for the Indian I had for my tea


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