So, I have been doing Slimming World for about 10/11 weeks now and have lost a total of 15 pound.  (Start weight 12st3 – weight now 11st2).

When I first started Slimming World I spent days googling recipes and looking on the Slimming World website, random forums, blogs and websites etc for ideas on what the hell I could eat.    I also looked up the #slimmingworld on Instagram and there are soooooo many pictures on there of what other people are eating, which has really helped me with ideas for meals and snacks.   I started posting pictures of the food I eat and I was so shocked from all the amazing support from other people who were also doing this diet.

Anyway, I don’t think I would have lost this weight, and stuck with this diet had it not been for the other bloggers and instagrammers posting pictures etc online,  and so I thought, why don’t I start a blog with my recipes and food etc and then hopefully I can help some other people? and so here this journey begins…. wish me luck!?!

p.s if you want to see how i’ve been doing up to now, my instagram is full of photos of food etc (http://instagram.com/suilin_sw)


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