Curry Loaf Muffins

So this recipe I found floating around online, i’m not sure where it originally comes from but here it is….


Syns (Extra Easy) – Synfree


1 Tin of Asda Chickpea Dahl

3 Eggs

1 Packet of Batchelors Mild Curry Savoury Rice


1. Cook the rice as instructed on the packet (usually takes 15/20 minutes).

2. Once the rice is cooked, add in the eggs and tin of chickpea dahl and mix together – this makes a big sloppy mess that looks a bit gross but once it’s cooked is amazing.

3. Divide the mixture between 12 silicone muffin cases (some people but in a loaf tin but I don’t have one of those so I use the muffin cases).

4. Put in to the oven on Gas Mark 6 for approximately 20/30 minutes – you will know when they are cooked.

5. I leave to cool and then eat with a salad and they taste absolutely amazing!


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